Author(s): Liza B. Silerio

Call for good practices from all regions, by ARISE Board

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ARISE members and ARISE networks across the globe work on DRR in the face of different levels of disaster risk, with differing contexts in terms of existing hazards, exposure as well as vulnerability. One of the identified actions on the ARISE Board Work Plan 2020-2023 is the development of an ARISE Good Practices Report that will highlight the various disaster prevention, mitigation, preparedness, and management initiatives of ARISE members.

The purpose of collecting good practices is to learn from previous experience and use the learnings to inform next steps. Instead of limiting ourselves to our own experience, we aim to utilize the work that has been tried, and shown to work in some way, by ARISE members —whether fully or in part but with at least some evidence of effectiveness— to collectively inform the work by other ARISE members elsewhere (Serrat, 2017). Through this exercise, we aim to: decrease the learning curve of new members; increase the effectiveness of the work by current members; strengthen the links across all members; avoid the reinvention of the wheel; and minimize institutional knowledge loss, among others.

The initiative is led by ARISE Board member Liza Silerio, SM Prime Holdings, and supported by ARISE Philippines. To share good practices, we ask ARISE members to fill out the Microsoft Form in the link below:

Your contributions will be fundamental to kickstart a knowledge and information sharing mechanism that can serve as a basis to further strengthen connections among Networks and their members.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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