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Portrait of the ARISE global network board member
Director International Programs at the UPS Foundation (logistics) & ARISE Co-Chair

Hans-Peter Teufers holds responsibility for international humanitarian programs of the UPS Foundation and works with humanitarian partners of the Foundation in Europe and Asia to deliver critical services in humanitarian situations. The UPS Foundation cooperates with non-profit organizations such as UNHCR, UNICEF, WFP, UNOCHA, UNDRR and regional partners such as BITC and PDRF providing various resources and charitable donations for projects in different focus areas.

Besides leading solutions and immediate disaster relief and response for these partners, a lot of Hans-Peter Teufers’ work relates to capacity building projects in preparedness and resilience improvement. Before resuming current responsibilities for humanitarian projects in late 2015, Teufers held responsibility for various management positions within UPS Europe including Border Policy Management, Public Affairs, Labor Relations and Human Resources with a variety of experience in different fields serving more than 30 years for UPS.

Teufers joined UPS part-time in 1985 while studying History, Language and Sports, then started a full-time career after completing a masters degree. He is located in Berlin, Germany.

Disaster risk reduction activities

The UPS Foundation’s commitment to strong, productive communities results in community programmes assisting various UN organizations & INGOs in disaster preparedness, relief and recovery efforts allowing them to prepare and impact more lives.

In Turkey, the Foundation collaborated with multiple partners to facilitate a strong SME platform providing resiliency training sessions, online resources and mitigation action plans. The UPS Foundation expanded the scope using its membership in Connecting Business Initiative actively with the Resilience in a Box Toolkit offering small businesses a variety of tools in different languages and applicable for global use.