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Simple, free, and highly secure, CAMS is a critical asset management software tool to strengthen city- and state-level decision-making on mitigation and investment programs to protect and restore critical assets. This tool helps fill the knowledge gap between identified critical assets and 1) other relevant assets to disaster resilience, 2) risks faced by these assets, 3) interconnections among the assets and compound consequences, which can lead to failure chains in case of a hazard. This tool enables cities and states to 1) inventory their critical assets while thinking more holistically about what might actually be "critical", 2) identify the hazards to which each asset is exposed, 3) map the relationships between assets, and 4) identify potential failure chains in the system and risks involved. With this tool, cities and states can better protect their critical assets and livelihoods, prioritize investment in mitigation and form public-private partnerships to prevent failure chains.

To learn more about CAMS, this webinar contains a demonstration on how to use the tool.