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ARISE Canada was launched in 2017 and designated, as the focal points, PWC and the Insurance Bureau of Canada. Since its establishment, 17 companies in Canada have officially become members of the network, including Jacobs Engineering, Risk Nexus, BOMA and DesJardins. Currently, the ARISE focal point is Adam Mcallister the CEO of Mc Allister and Craig Resilience Consulting company. Since 2022, ARISE Canada has entered a network renewal phase with efforts such as: 

- Dedicated resourcing for ARISE Canada website and member re-engagement

- Development of an outreach strategy

- Collaboration with ARISE US on several webinars, specifically on flood and wildfire emergencies

- Engagement with private sector organizations about better representing the arts, culture and heritage sector within ARISE Canada

- Promoting collaboration on business resilience with other ARISE Networks in the region.

Americas contact
Yezid Fernando Niño Barrero
Private Sector Advisor
United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR)
Main network contact
Adam McAllister
McAllister & Craig

Latest from the network

Network leadership

At the 2021 Annual General Meeting, Adam McAllister (CEO of McAllister & Craig Disaster Management) was elected National Chair of ARISE Canada.  Since that time ARISE Canada has entered into a network renewal phase.  New partnerships have been created with ARISE US and ARISE Mexico, support for CAMS development and rollout have continued, and new member outreach activities have created positive results.


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