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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) and answers related to the ARISE application process and membership.

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National Networks

  1. Does ARISE have a standardized MOU or Partnership agreement that can be used by non-private sector companies to join ARISE? 
    ARISE does not have an MoU for partners. ARISE has its Terms of Reference (ToR) and a toolkit to guide the establishment of new ARISE national networks. The template in the toolkit has key clauses that are compulsory and others that are suggested. ARISE gives networks some flexibility on how they want to govern themselves. Every ARISE network is expected to have a ToR with clear governance and leadership.

    Please also see ARISE Focus Areas and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for more information. 
  2. Should applications and paperwork be updated if a member wants to run for an ARISE National Network Board?
    Yes, all paperwork should be up-to-date. 

Types of memberships

  1. Are universities and other types of institutions allowed to become ARISE members?
    According to the ARISE ToR, as appropriate and for specific purposes and timeframes, the ARISE Board and ARISE Networks may, by majority vote, include other stakeholders (academia, independents, etc) as associate members. Upon invitation, associate members may join Board and Network meetings as observers.

    Subsidiaries and affiliated companies can apply individually should they not meet any of the product-based exclusionary criteria. However, this exception does not apply if the subsidiary or affiliate is part of a corporate group that derives more than 5% of its revenue from the production of tobacco or controversial weapons. 

    If an institution does not have legal proof of registration, the institution can provide proof of being a UN vendor and a copy of its website stating its legal form.
  2. Do associates and affiliates receive welcome letters, like members do? 
    Yes, ARISE associates and affiliates receive welcome letters with slightly different language. The welcome letter for affiliates specifies the institution is joining the network as an affiliate.


  1. Who can use ARISE logos? 
    The special logos for ARISE can be used by the ARISE Board, Networks, and Members only for official ARISE’s purpose.  
  2. How can I use ARISE logos?
    Permitted use of the ARISE logos include, without limitation: events organized, sponsored by or involving ARISE members; business cards of ARISE network members and representatives; official ARISE Network websites; ARISE letters and emails and other communications among ARISE members.

    ARISE members acknowledge that the ARISE name and logos are the exclusive property of UNDRR. The use of the ARISE logos related to financial transactions and fundraising is only allowed with prior written consent by the UNDRR Chief of Partnerships Branch in Geneva.

    For more information, please refer to the section accountability, use of information, and publications in the ARISE Global Terms of Reference (ToR) (p.24).
  3. How can I access the ARISE logos?
    Global ARISE logos and ARISE network logos can be downloaded from the library of ARISE member workspace.

Sharing your work 

  1. What content can I submit?
    We welcome submissions of:
    news stories (see all news stories);
    events (see all events);
    case studies, good practices, tools, and other resources related to ARISE (search all ARISE work in the “Learn” section).
  2. How can I share my work on the ARISE website?
    The submission platform is accessible on the ARISE website, see the page "Share your work with the community." Detailed guidance for submission can also be found here.

  3. Can I share my work on the ARISE website if I am not an ARISE member?
    If you are not an ARISE member but have collaborated with an ARISE member, you are encouraged to share your efforts through our submission platform on behalf of an ARISE member.
  4. How long does it take to publish my work on the ARISE website? 
    It normally takes a minimum of 2 weeks after your submission. UNDRR staff will review the content, the organization information, and permissions after your submission. If additional information is needed, the UNDRR team will contact you.

    For any further questions about submission, please contact us through the contact form. 

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