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ARISE was started by UNDRR in 2015 to support the private sector to become a key partner in reducing disaster risk. As of 2023, it has grown to over 500 members and 31 networks across the world. There is incredible energy and appetite to grow ARISE and to equip it to effect change in how the private sector invests in a risk-informed sustainable future.

Our Networks


Organization structure (how do the networks work?)

ARISE comprises of two main bodies:

a) ARISE Board

The ARISE Board has an advisory role. It functions at the global level and is co-chaired by the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Disaster Risk Reduction (SRSG) and one Board member with one Board vice-chair. The Board consists of up to 10 members representing a geographical and gender balance and is elected every two years.

b) ARISE National Networks

ARISE National Networks ('ARISE Networks') are set up in alignment with the requirements and specific local environment in the respective country. Members can request setting up a National Network and the final decision about the establishment of national Networks is up to the respective UNDRR Regional Office in consultation with the private sector partners. ARISE Networks will promote, enhance and support the implementation of the Sendai Framework at the national and local levels, including through advocacy, knowledge and good practice sharing and projects for the integration of DRR into business strategies and management practices. The development of public private collaboration therein is key. Communication is the first step which will lead to cooperation and ultimately collaboration for DRR.

c) ARISE Members in geographies without an existing ARISE Network

Businesses from countries or regions with no existing ARISE Network can join ARISE as global members. Global members are expected to comply with the same requirements of ARISE.

ARISE member map

A member map by region, showing 153 ARISE members in the Americas and Caribbean, 6 members in Africa, 16 members in the Arab States, 167 members in Asia and Pacific including Australia, and 21 ARISE members in Europe.


New members join the ARISE network every month. Want to learn more about ARISE members? See our member list.



Board member profiles

ARISE Global Board focuses on three main areas:

  • Global policy advice and guidance to the SRSG on global trends and opportunities to better engage the private sector at large;
  • Engagement in global and regional advocacy for risk-informed investment, including in key global and regional United Nations meetings, WEF Fora, UN Global Compact events and activities and other relevant initiatives and events;
  • As appropriate, facilitate the establishment and development of ARISE National Networks and provide them with advice and guidance.