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"Signature Ceremony of the Decree that regulates the granting of the Resilient Company Seal" event unfolded on July 26th, 2023, Campinas, a vibrant city nestled in the heart of Brazil, embarked on a journey to bolster its defenses to protect its economy, business fabric and the community against disasters. Mayor Dário Saadi etched his signature onto a decree that has carved a pivotal chapter in the city's relentless pursuit of resilience.  The Resilient Company Seal is a crucial regulation for businesses in Campinas, signifying their dedication to investing in disaster prevention tools. By committing to this initiative, companies demonstrate their commitment to the safety and wellbeing of their employees, customers, and the community at large. This seal will be given to companies in Campinas that show a strong dedication to investing in tools that help lower the chances of disasters happening in the city.


The Birth of the Resilient Company Seal:

The Resilient Company Seal emerges as a biennial celebration of a company's resolute dedication to fostering disaster risk reduction.

This recognition rests upon the following diverse criteria:

  • the execution of projects harmonizing with the United Nations' Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction,
  • raising awareness through campaigns that reach the private sector,
  • wielding influence as a beacon within the industry,
  • thesharing of experiences, and
  • the avant-garde capability to engineer innovation within the realm of resilience.

The Guiding Figures and Vision Behind the Seal:

Guiding this initiative is Sidnei Furtado, regional coordinator and director of Civil Defense of Campinas, who presides over the honorable commission. This assembly features representatives from Municipal Government Secretariats, the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) ARISE Private Sector Alliance for Disaster Resilient Societies, the Unicamp's Center for Studies and Research on Disasters (CEPED), the 7th Campinas Firefighters Group, and the Campinas Resilient City Committee.

At the Resilient Company Seal unveiling, Mayor Dário Saadi expressed his admiration for this initiative. He emphasized that the UN is a valuable partner in the pursuit of global and urban resilience and that the Seal has the potential to inspire companies to adopt a resilient mindset to build a strong society.

Legacy and the Seal's Significance:

Sidnei Furtado highlighted that the seal was born from the City Council of Campinas' proposal, the Seal symbolizes the city's unyielding commitment to resilience, reflecting the endeavors coursing through its various sectors. Furtado said, "This honor shall etch its significance deep into our city's fabric. It stands as a testament to the collective dedication and a crucial stride toward fortifying our resilience."

A Leap Forward and Global Resonance:

Distinguished participants at the event, including ARISE’s Global Board Vice-Chair Fernando Perez de Britto, extolled the Seal's leap towards engendering public-private partnerships that fortify resilience and slash disaster risks. Perez elucidated, "It paves the way for companies aligned with our City Hall's vision to be embraced by recognition." This recognition isn't confined to symbolism; eligible companies will be welcomed into the UNDRR ARISE network.

Some delegates from UNDRR office for the Americas and the Caribbean joined this milestone. Clément da Cruz commended Campinas' commitment in fostering a multisectoral, collaborative approach toward actualizing the Sendai Framework's objectives. Yezid Fernando Niño Barrero, private sector advisor from UNDRR, highlights the cascading benefits of resilient certification for the organization, its workforce, and the business ecosystem.

Unity in Resilience:

The event congregated a constellation of committed leaders, from Captain Lidiara Lenarduzzi of the Civil Defense of the State of São Paulo to the orchestrating maestro André Munhoz de Argolo Ferrão from CEPED. This gathering encapsulated the very essence of Campinas' unified voyage towards resilience.

As Campinas unfurls its Resilient Company Seal, it etches not only a chapter of recognition but also scripts a saga of grit and unity. This emblem burgeons as more than just an accolade; it's a pledge to confront adversity, kindle innovation, and construct a future brimming with resilience for all. The world watches in awe as Campinas ignites a beacon that radiates across borders, standing resolute in its alliance with the UNDRR's pursuit of global resilience.


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