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In pursuit of bolstering environmental sustainability and preserving vital ecosystems, FUNDEMAS, a member of El Salvador network of ARISE, the Private Sector Alliance for Disaster Resilient Societies of UNDRR, has spearheaded an innovative theme focusing on the inclusion of Biodiversity and Business. Through this initiative, FUNDEMAS, in collaboration with Davivienda Seguros and the German Development Cooperation Agency (GIZ), has taken the lead in strengthening the work in mangrove restoration. This strategic partnership not only underscores the dedication to environmental stewardship and community engagement but also highlights FUNDEMAS' commitment to pioneering sustainable approaches in conservation efforts.

A Renewed Pledge:

The Barra de Santiago complex, nestled within the Ahuachapán department of El Salvador, serves as the focal point of Davivienda Seguros' conservation endeavors. Spanning over 11,500 hectares, this area holds significant ecological importance as a Ramsar site, boasting a rich biodiversity of diverse flora and fauna. Recognizing the significance of this ecosystem, Davivienda Seguros has embarked on a mission to restore and preserve the mangrove forests within the region.

Partnerships for Progress:

Through the Biodiversity and Business program, supported by GIZ and the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), FUNDEMAS has provided crucial technical expertise and resources to advance mangrove conservation goals. This partnership has strengthened Davivienda Seguros' efforts, enhancing their ability to restore and sustain mangrove ecosystems effectively.


Through collaboration with the local women-led association, "Asociación de Mujeres de la Barra de Santiago (AMBAS)," this program is not only contributing to ecological restoration but also generating local employment opportunities. By actively involving women in restoration efforts and providing them with employment opportunities within their communities, this collaboration is empowering women both economically and environmentally. Women are not only gaining valuable skills and income but also playing a significant role in preserving and safeguarding their local environment, thereby fostering a sense of empowerment and ownership within their communities.

Restoring Balance:

Over the past years, Davivienda Seguros, with support from FUNDEMAS, has achieved significant milestones in mangrove restoration. Interventions in 6.2 hectares of mangrove forest and the planting of over 17,000 mangrove trees have resulted in the sequestration of 1,232.8 tons of CO2,direct benefits to 385 families and the establishment of a nursery producing 40,000 mangrove seedlings. Francisco Portillo Mena, Bancassurance Manager of Davivienda Seguros, emphasizes the crucial role of clients in driving positive change, particularly through Green Life Insurance policies.

“At Davivienda Seguros we reaffirm our commitment to continue working to be agents of change to restore our planet through actions aimed at safeguarding our ecosystems. This year we will continue working on the restoration of the Barra de Santiago complex, which presents us with challenges, but also opens up great opportunities to collaborate with our clients, community, and international organizations towards building a more prosperous, inclusive, and green world" 

-Rafael Puente, Director of Davivienda Seguros, El Salvador

Economic and Social Impact:

Beyond the environmental impact, these conservation efforts yield tangible economic and social benefits. By providing temporary employment opportunities for local communities, the company fosters economic empowerment while promoting environmental stewardship. Furthermore, the ecological restoration of mangroves serves as a nature-based solution to social challenges, including climate change adaptation and biodiversity conservation, aligning with FUNDEMAS' inclusive and sustainable development vision.

A Collaborative Vision:

Maythe Cornejo, Environment Manager of FUNDEMAS, underscores the collaborative nature of the project and its broader implications for sustainable development in El Salvador. "This project exemplifies the importance of sustainability strategies and the collective impact we can achieve when we align efforts towards a common goal," she affirms, emphasizing FUNDEMAS' commitment to fostering partnerships that drive positive change.

FUNDEMAS' innovative integration of Biodiversity and Business has played a pivotal role in enhancing the effectiveness of mangrove restoration efforts, showcasing the power of collaboration in achieving meaningful environmental and social impact.

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