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Camila Tapias is a Global Disaster Resilience Specialist at SPIN Global in Washington DC, where she leads the Business and Industry and International practice areas. She holds a Master’s in Public Administration with a specialization in Crisis and Emergency Management from The George Washington University. 

Ms. Tapias is an experienced course designer and instructor with expertise in delivering Department of Homeland Security (DHS) course materials. She has taught courses such as FEMA's Whole Community Inclusive Economic Recovery, and Logistics and Supply Chain Resilience in Disasters. Her work extends to assessing community resilience, supporting emergency management plan development, creating bilingual training and exercises in English and Spanish, developing strategies to enhance local disaster risk reduction capabilities, and leveraging technology to achieve equitable outcomes. Camila has also designed Cybersecurity preparedness exercises and COVID-19 return-to-work programs for both public and private sector organizations on the platform. She has previously worked as a Disaster Risk Management Consultant at The World Bank. 

Originally from Bogotá, Colombia, Camila has a diverse background. Prior to her work in disaster management and community resilience, she advised university leadership on improving the student experience and campus safety and security. Additionally, Camila has a rich athletic history, having served as the captain of The George Washington University Division 1 women's basketball team where she played for four years and representing the Colombian women's basketball national team for a decade.