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Portrait of the ARISE global network board member
Deputy Secretary General, Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) (business and industry, non-governmental association of business organisations)

Mr. Nirankar Saxena is Deputy Secretary-General at the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) and heads the Business Information Services Network Division (BISNET). At FICCI, he manages various project portfolios. He oversees all activities of the FICCI Centre for Science, Innovation and Technology Commercialization. Mr. Saxena also heads the Business to Business facilitation services, IT & Telecom Sector and the ATA & UN TIR Carnet Division at FICCI.

Prior to joining FICCI, he was CEO of Osprey Software Technology, Ltd and Director of Team Computers Ltd.

Saxena led FICCI to become a founding partner of the Millennium Alliance. The Alliance addresses development challenges by leveraging Indian expertise and resources to scale innovative solutions developed in India that will benefit developing and underdeveloped populations across India and the world.


Disaster risk reduction activities

Mr. Saxena works towards disaster risk reduction in the Private Sector in India and is on various Advisory Committees of the Prime Minister Office, Ministry of Home Affairs, Niti Aayog and National Disaster Management Authority of India. FICCI organizes conferences, seminars, workshops, training programmes and mock exercises for building capacity of not only the industrial sector but also for Statutory Agencies, Regulatory Bodies, NGOs, District & State Authorities, for raising awareness, influencing them for honing their skills, sharing knowledge, experiences and good practices. Innovations and collaborations with national and international entities are encouraged and firmed in. FICCI acts as a platform in developing risk-informed business strategies and implementing projects and activities to achieve the targets of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction.

Mr Saxena and ARISE India have been deeply involved in advising the government and suggesting guidelines and framework for the private sector during COVID-19 and also what strategies are to be adopted as exit policy after COVID-19. Advisories were issued to ARISE INDIA and FICCI Members on personal protection, dealing with migrant workers and incentives to change the production lines to produce the essential items, masks and PPEs.

Under Mr Nirankar, ARISE INDIA has under-taken three major initiatives, on effect of disasters on MSMEs, Drought Free India by 2030 and Ruralizing India Empowering Villages. Other themes adopted are developing disaster risk management strategies for the industrial sector, metrics for risk-informed investments and insurance.