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This document stresses the importance of disaster risk reduction to the private sector and the central role the private sector can play to prevent new and reduce existing disaster risks. It outlines ARISE's communications activities in supporting the private sector to put in place risk-informed policies and practices.

Four objectives guide ARISE’s communication activities.

1. Advocacy: Advance the case for disaster risk reduction (DRR) by the private sector so that all stakeholders are convinced with the need for coordinated, urgent, systematic action

2. Influence: Improve awareness of ARISE and its role in catalyzing and realizing efficient and impactful DRR action for the private sector, in- cluding through the implementation of the Sendai Framework so that inter- est, participation and investment are increased

3. Engage: Create opportunities for collaboration, leveraging and knowledge sharing around DRR initiatives so that policies and activities are streamlined, harmonized and contribute to shared goals

4. Change: Reduce the impact of disaster through supporting the im- plementation of the Sendai Framework and developing targeted, participa- tory advocacy campaigns and driving opportunity creation and innovation for the private sector, so that risks are reduced and resilience is delivered, in key vulnerable populations, locations and sectors.

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