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This case study explores the collaboration between the Emergency Response Team (ERT), the Uganda government, and the Uganda Infectious Disease Institute (IDI) in response to extreme flooding in Northeastern Uganda. The ERT provided technology, knowledge, and digital equipment to assist in the disaster response. The study highlights the importance of public-private partnerships in addressing disasters and emergencies, and offers insights into replicating similar collaborations in other contexts.

The flooding in Mbale District caused significant damage to infrastructure and affected thousands of people, making initial response efforts challenging. The ERT collaborated with the Uganda Ministry of Health and IDI to integrate digital solutions into response operations. The EOC of the Ministry of Health aimed to effectively manage disaster response by adopting digital tools to communicate, coordinate, and manage data. ERT team on the ground


Challenges included data privacy concerns, but's stringent data protection policy enabled the use of their platform. The collaboration resulted in the creation of dashboards and use cases, enhancing the EOC's understanding of the situation and resource allocation. The use of tools streamlined processes, saving time and resources. The EOC team continues to develop digital tools, including disaster risk reduction plans, and intends to incorporate at the district level.

The EOC acknowledges the potential of to enhance operational efficiency on a national level, with the goal of sharing this technology with neighboring districts and regional partners. The ERT continues to assist in the implementation of digital tools in disaster preparation and response, offering expertise and solutions to enhance productivity.

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