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 Paula Pagniez

Paula is Director of the Climate and Resilience Hub at Willis Towers Watson. She leads the America’s Practice and creates solutions to large scale and multi-faceted challenges, working hand in hand with clients and partners across physical, transition and liability climate risks and pioneering innovative uses of insurance mechanisms to build societal resilience. She is a global expert on climate and natural disaster risk management solutions for sovereigns, sub-sovereigns, corporates, and the development sector. She has a proven track record spearheading global financial inclusion and humanitarian initiatives and conceiving of and executing strategic international business.

Paula has over 15 years of technical experience building and leading Public-Private Partnerships in Public Sector Disaster Risk Finance, Financial Inclusion and Global Development markets. She is a multi-cultural professional and has worked on projects in Africa, Asia, and across the Americas. Paula holds a Postgraduate Degree in Finance and a Graduate Degree in Economics.